Change in Tune


This is not the first time I have undergone a change of heart about the nature and purpose of this blog. A little while ago I attempted a re-launch, which was short lived and a bit disappointing (to me).

The short story about why this failed is also simple one – time management.

It’s been a hectic, full-on year for me. One that has been wildly adventurous and entertaining and one which I am determined to continue to enjoy. Part of the journey has been rethinking my goals and career path and getting real about what is possible and where I would like to head.

When I logged into this blog this morning, it was with the intent to delete all of my old posts and start again from scratch. A fresh slate, I told myself, a ‘re-do’. But, as I moved through the viewing history for the page and saw that people had been visiting, even in my absence, I was moved to reconsider. Even though it might not look how I would like it to look, even though it might be in chronic need of an edit and even though it might not reflect my new goals, there is no point in trying to erase the past. The simple fact of it is, that I love this blog and its content (even though it is sloppy and un-edited). It reminds me so much of the goals I used to have and of the things that I love and the places I would rather be.

With that in mind, I am going to start anew again, today – but will keep hold of the ‘old’ and just add to it with some ‘new’. 

In doing so, I aim to bring the content of this humble blog back to what I always wanted it to be about – travel and history. I understand that the travel blogging world is a competitive one and that there are people out there living far more exciting and adventurous lives than I, but that’s okay, because no one can tell the stories that I want to tell – because no one else sees the world the way I do.

For those of you that might be curious about my forays into the academic world, I do hope you’ll follow me over on Racheal Writes. For those of you who just want to read little travel articles about historic things, I do hope you’ll follow along with me here.

Please be patient as I get back into the swing of things. As I rediscover my love for this, my first blog, I am hopeful that I will be able to create some beautiful and entertaining content. Over the next 18 months I have set myself some pretty remarkable goals (which will be the subject of a later post) and I can’t wait to share the process of achieving those with you.

Thank you, for reading and for staying with me

x Racheal

Photograph: Racheal Harris
Montmartre Cemetery, June 2017. 


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