Seeking people with an Elvis Tattoo


This is a call to anyone with an Elvis tattoo – I want to hear your story.

I am writing a paper on Elvis tattoos and the meaning behind them and I need to speak to all those people out there like me, who have decided to brand themselves with the image of The King.

What made you decided to get Elvis tattooed on you?

What did he mean to you when you had the tattoo done?

What does he mean to you now?

Where is it? Is it the only one?

How do you imagine Elvis?

What made you get the image you have – is it a portrait, or something else which is distinctly Elvis?

Please, Elvis fans – I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

If you have a story you’re interested in sharing, please let me know. Similarly, if you know someone with an Elvis tattoo that loves to talk about it, pass this call onto them. While I am interested in hear all stories, I’m particularly interested in people that have an Elvis tattoo that we born after he died.

Contact me, any time ..


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