Come On, Baby Don’t You Wanna Go… Back to that Same Old Place, Sweet Home Chicago

The first time I saw Chicago was on a shuttle coming in from O’Hare Airport. It was a cold, grey day and the shuttle came in through the suburbs and took more than an hour. I’d just had a hectic flight from Las Vegas, followed by an encounter in the airport bathrooms with a very distressed tourist so by the time I actually made it to the shuttle I wasn’t holding out much hope of the day improving. How wrong I was.

Everything about Chicago is magic to me, from the art deco buildings, to the amazing glorious river front, even the noisy old loop is a thing of beauty. Maybe it’s a cop-out, but in this instance, I am just going to let pictures tell the story.

Chicago 3

Chicago 5



Chicago 1

I’ve cheated a bit with this last one – obviously these were not taken on the same trip, but I love the gardens outside of ARTIC and thing that this goes some way to demonstrating how spectacular they are regardless of the season

Chicago 7


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