Hello Out There

I’m new to this whole blogging craze, but have been advised that it might be a handy way of helping me cope with my honours thesis –  a place where I can post thoughts and ideas, photos and tales. Regardless of whether or not people read the entries, I am hoping that having somewhere to focus all the information in my mind will assist me in helping to make sense of it.. so I can order it, structure it and produce some kind of cohesive dissertation!

My research is in history and historical tourism, specifically that which deals with death, religion and the supernatural.

I’ve always felt that I was living in the wrong era or longing for a past life. Perhaps that is why I’ve always been drawn to history. In addition to that, I love travel and the idea of exploring the world. Put those two things together and it doesn’t take much to make the jump to historical tourism.

Ideally, I’d like to be in a position where my research could turn into some kind of fun historical database for like minded historical travellers. I know there is no shortage of guide books or travel blogs online, but I feel that there is something missing, something that reaches all travellers, all lovers of history, something that is alive and breathing rather than tucked away amid a mountain of data and scholarly analysis. A merging of academia and adventure, perhaps?

Anyway, that dream is a while off…

In the interim, I’m hoping that this blog will become something of a travel and history journal, for both myself and any one else that stumbles across the page. A place where I can share my solo explorations of the globe (near and far) and maybe some interesting historical bits and pieces.

If you have found yourself here, reading this clunky and awkward first post, bless your heart and thank you for your time and interest.

Hopefully everything that follows is more exciting than this!

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